Questions about the college recruiting process?

The college recruiting process can be very overwhelming for both prospective student athletes and parents.  The majority of players and parents have questions about where to start, how to navigate the process, and the next steps to take in the process.  


Welcome Meeting

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Common questions and areas of interest

Contacting College Coaches

How do I go about contacting college coaches? 

Can I email college coaches?  

What should my emails say? 

Am I allowed to text with college coaches? 


How many camps should I attend?

When should I attend camps?

Do coaches really recruit from their campus hosted ID camps?  

Should I attend a camp not associated with a specific college?  

Visiting Campus

What should I say when I am on campus?

Should my parents attend the visit with me?

When should I visit?

What is the difference between official and unofficial visits?


How likely am I to get a scholarship?

How many scholarships does each school/soccer program have?

What types of scholarships are available?

Which divisions/schools can offer scholarships? 

When are scholarships offered?

Next Steps

How is the process different for a freshman and a senior?

What are the next steps in my process?

NCAA Rules and Regulations

What are the rules and regulations that are on coaches?

What are the rules and regulations that are on the student athlete?